Local Man Really Perplexed That Nobody Wants to Buy His 6 Year-Old Civic For $9800

A local man is confounded by a lack of replies after listing his 6 year-old Honda Civic on Craigslist for $9800. “I mean, I owe some to the bank, and I figured I should turn a small profit on the car. It’s a Civic after all, and supposedly those things never depreciate,” the man told MetaCars. He has asked to remain anonymous because he feels like such a jackass.

In spite of the man’s airtight economic arguments, he has yet to receive a single reply to his listing. “I don’t get it. It’s an EX model. That means SUNROOF, dude. And alloy wheels. Why wouldn’t someone pay extra for them? When it was new someone paid like another $3000 to get an EX versus the poor man’s LX trim. Shouldn’t that make my car more valuable now?”

Apparently after several surveys of Craigslist and eBay Motors, “other people are asking like 6500 for cars with 100,000 miles. Mine only has 50,000k miles! Of course it should be worth $9800.”

When asked if he would consider lowering his price for a quicker sale, the man told MetaCars, “Yeah I guess I should. The market just won’t bear $9800 for my Civic. I’ll take the price down to $9450 this afternoon.”

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