GMAC Changing Name to Mimic Success of Poop Drug

"Here at Skidmark Autos, you will literally crap your self over our low rates!"

GMAC is looking to make a fresh start in the automotive finance world. Their first step is to be reborn as Ally. Clearly, they are taking inspiration from the popular weight-loss/underwear-destroying supplement Alli.

To find out more about this game-changing move to be named after poop products, we placed a call to GMAC/Ally VP of Communications Chester Longwell.

MC: Good morning Chester, Motor Trend here to ask you a few questions about the move from GMAC to Ally?
CL: Oh Motor Trend, I read your publication all the time… Go ahead ask away.
MC: Great thanks, we read it too… I mean, yeah. Anywho – Clearly you are reaching out and establishing your brand towards shit-friendly markets, smart choice jumping no the meteoric success of Alli, the colon cleanser.
CL: Yeah we just felt… wait, what? You’re from Motor Trend? What the hell are you talking about, Ally means friend.
MC: Come on now, lets be serious here – Ally is clearly related to dumping. I am surprised you didn’t go more subtle though with perhaps a change to BMAC.
CL: What is your name?! This is ridiculous, you are not from Motor Trend, who are you?
MC: Whoa dude…no need to get all Ally-y on me here. Just trying to discuss your #2 attitude towards financing.

Interesting development in the automotive finance world and the schiese fans at Ally are being surprisingly tight-lipped about the development process. Stay tuned to see how this unfolds into the automotive bowl.

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