GM Hires 78 Year-Old Man To Debut New Youth-Oriented Buick Regal GS

BobLutzBuickGeneral Motors has contracted with a 78-year old man to debut a new Buick model meant to reorient the brand away from 80 year old buyers.

Robert A. Lutz, a Korean war veteran, helped himself up to the stage to announce the new Buick. Shown beside him in classic Buick white, Lutz said it would “be the final nail in the coffin for the old Buick brand image.” The new Regal GS is equipped with new-era technology, such as power seats, locks, and windows, as well as a full-sized trunk.

Another General Motors spokesman, Harold Braudel, told media members: “This new Regal is a classic American sedan. It marries European engineering with European design, all brought together by European manufacture.

Mr. Lutz had already teamed up with General Motors for work in the past; the octogenarian charmingly brought his Cadillac sedan to a track contest some months ago.

“Our goal is to show how youthful Buick has become. We’re shattering perceptions, and also hips,” Braudel concluded.

13 comments to GM Hires 78 Year-Old Man To Debut New Youth-Oriented Buick Regal GS

  • Jason Lancaster

    Dude – hilarious. Looking forward to the rest of the coverage from Detroit, the most beautiful city in the world.

  • mike

    New era tech like power windows and locks… good thing base model kias have those now.

    power seats?? give me a break, buick will still be 20 years behind if thats all they have

  • Holy shit… Mike is right, those ARE currently available features on many modern cars…

    what the hell is going on here?

  • tom s

    Anybody know who this guy is? Been around GM for years and made them famous, especially Chevrolet with their high performance division. If he says he can do it, just watch, he’s a god.

  • Justin

    @tom s:
    I have never heard of him and I have been an American car fan for 30+ years. He just seems like a regular old dude to me. I am a real car expert — I have had a Dodge Viper, Merkur XR4ti, and now a Saturn Astra and Pontiac G8 GT. Bob Lotz or whoever had nothing to do with these great American-made cars!

  • @Justin, what kind of ‘ring time could you get out of the G8?

  • Allyn

    For Justin–check out the products Bob Lutz has had a hand in developing, then decide if you think he’s had “…nothing do to with these great American-made cars”

  • Sajeev Mehta

    Justin, re: your cars…the person responsible for those cars deserves an award named after themselves!

  • @allyn: Wow. It’s like Justin’s wrong about every car he brings up.

  • Seriouzly Justin… it’s like you don’t even know what you are saying, and making it up as you go.

    tom s and Allyn know whats up… Bowb Leutz knows cars. In fact I believe he was the driver behind the wheel of the Marmon Wasp that won Indy

  • It’s appropriate that boblutz has a granite complexion – that’s the same material he used when he invented the wheel.

  • Bob Lutz should take on Chuck Norris-like meme status amongst automotive sites…

  • Raymond Emerson

    Bob Lutz politics may stink but he is a fully accredited car nut. The article is great. But the point of the article is that we surely should be able to find a car nut under 78. But then Tazio Nuvolari drove the Mexican road race at 65. He didn’t win. But he was a contender. The joke about Lutz taking a Cadillac to a race track was a good one. He did. The value of it is that it all seems so unlikely. Just think how old Carol Shelby is. I can remember seeing Carol drive a borrowed Lister Jaguar at the Bossier City, La. races in the early 60’s. If I remember right the Lister was borrowed from Jim Hall of Chapparal fame. Jim drove a birdcage Maserati. Men’s bodies get old. Their heart and soul shouldn’t. Once a car nut always a car nut.

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